Introducing Share to Web (New)

Greenlight makes it easy to leave feedback on any website.

Consolidate your website feedback in a central space. With Greenlight it’s easy to conduct ux review, track bugs and collaborate with all stakeholders.

All the features you need to give clear, actionable feedback


Comment in seconds


Works on password protected pages


Works on IP addresses


Powerful integrations


Works on mobile


Share with a link


Device information


Scalable navigation

Sticky comment bubbles stay there for your entire team to view.

With Greenlight, simply visit a URL, drop a comment and you’re done. No more wading through unclear, unactionable feedback.

Greenlight makes it so easy to post comments, our users can’t stop posting them. The average number of comments for a single URL is 96.

Integrates with your favorite project management tools

Greenlight can be synced to GitHub, Jira and Slack. When a comment is made on Greenlight it will automatically create a Jira or GitHub task with a detailed description and screenshot. It’s almost project management on autopilot!



Join leading brands and freelancers who save hours every week.

Love Greenlight! Made it super easy to provide feedback to my developers. Emily Johnson Principal at WhatIf Ventures
With Greenlight, I speak the same language with my clients and fellow designers. Best extension I have found thus far... Barnabas Mwema Web developer
Greenlight helps all our team save time and stay aligned in the review process. Just like Zeplin! Esteban Sanchez CTO Commutifi

Interested but not at the review stage yet?

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Who's this extension for?

Teams that develop and design anything for the web. Greenlight helps you get rid of the design gap. You comment on the actual product your end users are going to use, this makes feedback loops so much easier.

Do you integrate with any project management tools?

We do! You can connect Greenlight to Jira, GitHub or Slack. Whenever a new comment is posted, Greenlight will automatically create an issue or ticket in the selected project (with an accurate screenshot). For Slack, it will send a Slack message.

What happens if the website updates?

Greenlight tracks the individual HTML element your comment is tied to. If this element changes or disappears, it gracefully falls back on the screenshot of the comment it took. Works like magic.

How do you handle responsive comments?

Greenlight supports responsive and mobile projects. Unlike other apps out there, you can use it to leave comments on any device size. We automatically detect those sizes and categorize comments accordingly.

Why is this better than a screenshot app?

It’s just a lot more efficient. We’ve tried all screenshot apps out there and they’re tedious to use at best for website reviews. Greenlight is just quick, very quick. The average Greenlight team creates 100 comments per project. Imagine handling that through a screenshot app.

What about password protected web apps?

Whether you’re still in development mode and running your website on an IP address or you’re concerned about security and privacy, Greenlight just works. It’s built as a secure Chrome Extension.

I'd like an integration with "x"

Simply drop us a line to

What's this exclusive access to "upcoming stuff"

We have some of the most, most exciting features in the pipeline. Things we have not yet seen any of our competitors and other apps do. Grand things, small things, medium things that are all quite exciting 🤫

Where can I find your release notes?
Is there any support for this app?

Of course. We're actively developing it and if you encounter any issue drop us a line directly to

What can I do with Greenlight?

We initially built this to simply review websites faster but over the course of our Beta we've seen our users use it for all kind of stuff. Some folks used it as a way to take notes on websites their visit, track competitors or do user experience heuristics evaluations.

Are you going to support other browsers than Chrome?

Yes we will 🤫.

I’m interested in funding Greenlight

Drop us a line at